BC Style Flex-Hone®

BC Style Flex-Hone®

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Order by Bore Size.
The Flex Hone® is always produced and used in an oversize condition.  If your bore size is 1" order a 1" Flex Hone®.  If your bore size falls between Flex Hone® sizes select the next size up.

Flex Hones® : 4mm - 3/16 are 6" OAL  /  5mm - 3" are 8" OAL

Extension Tubing can be added for extra length.

The BC Series Flex-Hone® tool is designed for use on any type or size of cylinder from 4mm up to 3" in diameter. Designed for cross hole deburring and surface finishing.

Additional abrasive types and grits are available.

The Flex Hone® Tool should be securely held in a collet, chuck or similar holding device. It is best to use the shortest shank possible for your application.

Always wear eye protection.



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