Crimped Wire Wheels

Our range of crimped wire brushes are available in 3" to 12" diameter.  The most widely used wheel brush is the Standard Carbon Steel Wheel Brush and the most popular sizes are 6" and 8".  They come in various wire sizes depending upon the work piece and the type of finish you require.

This range of wheel brushes are manufactured from tempered wire and should last substantially longer that un-tempered wire brushes.  The majority of wheel brushes come with a 2" arbor  hole as standard, however our range of adaptors will cover other bore sizes.

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  • Brass Narrow Face Wheels
    Brass Narrow Face Wheels 6" diameter Brass wheel with 1 1/16"" Trim length and approximate running face width of 1/2".  ..
  • Heavy Duty Wide Face
    Heavy Duty Wide Facewith low flexibility and a heavily filled brushing face, our heavy-duty wide face wire wheels provide fast cutting action and long life. Manufacturered from the highest quality oil tempered crimped wire.  Approximate running face width is 1 3/8" to 2" depending on..
  • Multi-Duty Narrow Face
    Multi-Duty Narrow Face wheels are manufactured from the highest quality oil tempered crimp wire to provide fine to medium coarse brushing action.  These crimped wire wheels have a narrow brushing face and offer high flexibility for cleaning, deburring and surface finishing applications. Appr..
  • Standard Duty Medium Face
    Standard Duty Medium Face, the standard duty medium face wheels are manufactured from the highest quality oil tempered crimped wire to provide uniform brushing actions with each use.  With low flexibility, these wire wheels provide fast cutting action and ensure longevity.  Approximate ..

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