Nampower™ Disc Brushes

Nampower Disc Brushes are composed of flexible abrasive nylon filaments bonded to a fibre reinforced thermoplastic base, these abrasive disc brushes contain a unique combination of both ceramic and silicon carbide abrasive that produce maximum burr removal rates and provides optimum surface finish at the same time.  The brushes are available in 2 different styles: Dot style for general purpose deburring and surface finish applications and the Turbine style brush for medium and heavy deburring applications.

AHX and AD range are available in Silicon Carbide only for light deburring.

Nampower disc brushes are easily integrated into today's automated machinery, CNC maching centres, transfer lines and robotic cells.

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  • ADD Dot Style Ceramic Mix Disc Brush
    Dot style disc brushes are used for general purpose edge deburring and surface finishing applications.  The Dot style is an economical choice for light deburring applications when short cycle times are important.  They provide greater flexibility and allow entry into small holes and spaces..
  • ADT Turbine Style Ceramic mix disc brush
    Turbine style disc brushes are ideal for medium and heavy deburring applications. Our unique combination of Silicon Carbide and Ceramic filaments allow the brushes to cut faster and last longer than any other brush on the market.  The Turbine style filament is a high density fill that is ideal ..
  • AHX Range of Hex Drive Disc Brushing Tools
    These tools are designed for use in semi-automatic and fully automatic machinery including NC, CNC and robotic machine tools.  The unique Hex-Drive system allows the tools to be turned in both directions for 360º finishing. Typical applications include deburring, edge radiusing and gene..
  • AD Range - Abrasive Disc Brushing Tool
    These tools are designed for manual & automated use. ..

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